Real-Time environments


As with any other industry evolution is key to standing out from the crowd. Static visualisation and animation have existed for some time, but what is the next step after you have become interested in a visual? We believe it’s the ability to explore further and see what has caught your eye on a deeper level.

Putting the power of exploration and the ability to go on a journey through a scheme into your hands, it’s the ideal way to further promote the space.

Freedom to explore


Loop allows freedom of movement within a space as well as freedom of viewpoint, you can simply move around a space as you would do in real life. This freedom, as well as the level of visual quality, is what sets Loop apart from the competition.

Game engine technology


Loop bridges the video games industry technology with architectural visualisation and introduces interactivity to a level never before seen.

The ability to move around a space and experience an entire schemes journey from start to finish is something that has never been seen in the market before.

Customisable environments


Loop has the ability to build in multiple options so you can view different configurations of your environment on the fly. With the ability to instantly change the desired touch point, Loop is an excellent tool for collaboration whilst demonstrating all possibilities instantly.



Any platform

With the ability to access Loop via multiple platforms such as mobile and tablet, you can enjoy exploring your virtual surroundings at your leisure wherever you are.


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(Coming Soon)

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